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Bodi ya Michezo ya Kubahatisha Tanzania

Kuanzisha Enzi Mpya katika Udhibiti wa Sekta ya Michezo ya Kubahatisha Tanzania
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Maswali Yaulizwayo Mara kwa Mara

The fee can be accessed through the GBT website www.gamingboard.go.tz on the “Legislation” menu under “Regulations” submenu.
Please send your inquiry via email helpdesk@gamingboard.go.tz or call 022 2124703
The tenure of license for all commercial undertakings saves for the National Lottery is one year and can be renewable. National Lottery Licence tenure is eight (8) whereas the tenure for gaming employee’s license is two years. 
You can obtain the application form and lodge your application through the GLICA system via Gaming Licensing, Inspection and Compliance Application at http://glica.gamingboard.go.tz.
The general and detailed qualifications and requirements for obtaining a gaming license in Tanzania can be accessed through the GBT Website www.gamingboard.go.tz on “Resources” menu under “Downloads” submenu.