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Message from Director General

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James Mbalwe
Mkurugenzi Mkuu

: james.mbalwe@gamingboard.go.tz

: +255222214510

Dear Valued Stakeholder!

I am delighted to welcome all our stakeholders to this Website and to the Gaming Board of Tanzania (GBT). This website has been designed to provide quick and instant access to the important information about GBT.  It also contains information considered useful to various gaming stakeholders ranging from GBT’s mandate and roles, licensing procedures, dispute settlement to compliance mechanisms.

GBT was established in terms of the Gaming Act Cap 41 of 2003 and became operational in 2004 following restructuring of the defunct National Lottery. The main goal for its establishment was to ensure that gaming activities are operated in a commercial yet lawful manner, the Government reaps the effect and the society is protected from any potential adverse effect.

The gaming industry has grown rapidly within nearly two decades of GBT establishment. Various new forms of gaming activities have been introduced in the market including sports betting. This expansion in gaming activities has led to an increase in revenue collection whereby the gaming industry recorded a growth of 20.69% in gaming tax collection from TZS 78.8 billion in 2017/18 to TZS 95.1 billion in 2018/19. This is a remarkable achievement that cannot be overlooked. Apart from that, the industry has created employment opportunities for Tanzanians, attracted direct foreign investment and contributed to technology transfer in terms of sophisticated ICT Monitoring Systems.

These accomplishments were made possible through effective regulation of gaming establishments, fostering compliance among operators of gaming activities, introduction of the ICT regulatory System and promotion on awareness and adoption of responsible gaming practices. All these efforts are done to ensure that the industry contributes meaningfully to the social-economic development in the United Republic of Tanzania and harmful effects are prevented. The ICT regulatory system has enhanced GBT’s regulatory efficiency by automating gaming regulatory processes and strengthening control and monitoring of gaming revenue and behavior.

Gaming industry is viewed and understood differently by diverse stakeholders due to its uniqueness. However, gaming activities are investable world widely especially due to the accelerating developments in the information and communication technology. Thus, GBT will continue to implement appropriate policies and measures to foster growth in a socially responsible manner in order to instill confidence and trust among our stakeholders.

James B. Mbalwe